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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Bacteria standards of merluccius capensis / paradoxus (Cape Hake) and other deepsea whitefish productsVennemann, Ingo Heinrich
2018Bactericidal efficacy of wound gauze treated with chitosan nanomaterial hybrids of zinc, silver and copper on common wound bacteriaShekede, Blessing Tatenda
2017Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranean) from Mpumalanga province of South Africa: phytochemical and antimicrobial properties of seeds and product extractsHarris, Taahir
2017The barriers and opportunities of resource efficiency and cleaner production within a South African contextPage, Andre Paul
2019Barriers encountered by women in career development towards senior management positions in management industryMgaguli, Babalwa
2004Barriers to African black contractors in the Western Cape construction industryFortuin, Clive Jacobus
2003Barriers to entrepreneurship in the Western CapeCupido, Christopher
2020Barriers to youth entrepreneurship in N'Djamena, ChadBichara, Doudoua Hadje Koubra
2002Base metal equilibrium prediction on ion exchange resinRejaldien, Moegamat Zain
2012Beadwork and its impact on contemporary fashion in South AfricaHamalwa, Beata
1998Bedryfservaring in Kledingprogramme aan die Kaapse TechnikonHuyssteen, S van
1996Behavioural patterns and growth strategies of red tide organisms of the southern BenguelaHorstman, Deon A
2014The benefits of contractual causes in mitigating project failures using business system projectsMostert, Charl
2016Beyond knowledge to understanding: a Goethean perspective on design education as living processSuskin, Karen Leigh
2019Beyond seed funding: the challenges of informal small businesses in the Wineland district of the Western Cape ProvinceNxozi, Hazel Gcobisa
2019Bi-rads final assessment categories in breast cancer patientsDaniels, Tasneem
2018A big data analytics framework to improve healthcare service delivery in South AfricaMgudlwa, Sibulela
2019A big data framework to improve government service delivery in South AfricaNunu, Khayalethu
2016Bingham yield stress and Bingham plastic viscosity of homogeneous Non-Newtonian slurriesZengeni, Brian Tonderai
2017Bio-delipidation of pre-treated poultry slaughterhouse wastewater by enzymes from the wastewater isolatesMbulawa, Siyasanga