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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Validation and application of the ELISA technique for the detection of fish aero-antigensGeorge, Dashwill Anton
2016Validation of a recently proposed equation for the estimation of small, dense LDL particles from routine lipid measures in a population of mixed ancestry South AfricansMasoud, Mohamed Abdulsalam
2004Validation of endpoints as biomarkers of low-dose radiation damageRossouw, Maria Susanna
2013Validation of two bio-analytical assays for the measurement of hydrophilic antioxidant in several food and beverage commodities in accordance with ISO 17025 regulatory guidelinesParbhunath, Olivia Leshia
2018Valorisation of industrial waste : extraction of bioactive compounds from Brewer’s spent grainShoko, Sipiwe
2020The value of context awareness within information technology audit and governanceLe Roux, Theo
2011The value of corporate communications as a strategic management function to top managementToyer, Ayesha
2012Variable Stroke Crank Shaft for an Internal Combustion EngineIsmail, Fareed
2018Variations in radiosensitivity of breast cancer and normal breast cell lines using a 200MeV clinical proton beamDu Plessis, Peter Clark
2017Vegetation patterns in tropical forests of the Rumpi Hills and Kimbi-Fungom National Park, Cameroon, West-Central AfricaSainge, Nsanyi Moses
2019Vegetative growth and alkaloid concentration of Sceletium Tortuosum (L.) N.E. Br. in response to different soilless growing media and fertigation regimes in hydroponicsFaber, Richard James
2010Versatile bridal wearChen, Yu-Chieh
2004Viscous flow through sudden contractionsPienaar, Veruscha
2006Visibility of e-commerce websites to search engines: a comparison between text-based and graphic-based hyperlinksNgindana, Mongezi
2013Visitors’ perceptions of the 2010 FIFA world cup: a case study of the host city Nelson Mandela Bay/Port ElizabethNyikana, Siyabulela
2018Visual communication for a youth market : an exploration of visual meaning through co-designDe Villiers, Lizelle
2016Vitamin B12 and folate enrichment of kefir by Propionibacterium freudenreichii and Streptococcus thermophilus strainsMorkel, Ryan Andrew
2016Voltage stability assessment and wide area protection/control using synchrophasor measurementsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles
2015Volunteer tourism : saving the African penguin one volunteer at a time. The case of a seabird rehabilitation centre in the Western Cape, South AfricaOlivier, Carolé
1999Die voorbereiding tot aftreebeplanning binne plaaslike owerhedeBrand, Hugo