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    • Host-guest compounds : structure and thermal behaviour 

      Tangouna Liambo Bissa, Marie-Louise (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2016)
      Inclusion compounds of two hydroxyl hosts with a variety of guests have been investigated. These host compounds are bulky molecules and have the ability to interact with smaller organic guests to form new compounds. The ...
    • Solvates and salts of selected fenamates 

      Boudiombo, Jacky Sorrel Bouanga (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2015)
      Solvatomorphism of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is one of the most studied areas in pharmaceutical science. Since APIs are exposed to solvents during many stages of their production, knowledge of the consequences ...
    • Structure and thermal stability of selected organic inclusion compounds 

      Silwana, Nothemba (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2012)
      Crystal engineering is the synthesis of new crystalline materials with specific chemical and physical properties which allows the comprehensive understanding of the non covalent interactions that occur between molecules ...