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    • Design and operation of a stand-alone solar pathway for public park lighting 

      Abaid, Abdulrauf Ahmed Asway (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2017)
      The development of solar roads to convert insolation on vast stretches of land to electrical energy, otherwise dedicated solely for transportation, is in its nascent stage. A great potential is seen for PV application ...
    • Energy management in the South African hotel industry 

      Fouejio-Tsobze, Brice (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2010)
      In recent years, the South African hotel industry has experienced increasing demand for hotel's services. At the same time, mounting costs of energy affects energy performance and public image. Energy management is a new ...
    • An improved plasma energy conversion system for electric power generation 

      Ayeleso, Ayokunle Oluwaseun (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2018)
      The generation of electricity through the conventional conversion system such as thermal and hydroelectric plants may no longer be sufficient to meet the increasing demands and usage. One of the major reasons for shortage ...
    • Thermal electric solar power conversion panel development 

      Kamanzi, Janvier (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2017)
      The world has been experiencing energy-related problems following pressuring energy demands which go along with the global economy growth. These problems can be phrased in three paradoxical statements: Firstly, in spite ...
    • Use of high efficient motors for DSM in South Africa's petroleum refineries 

      Mithamo, Peter Ng'ang'a (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2012)
      Electric motors consume over 60% of the world's generated electricity. In South Africa approximately 65% of the energy generated is consumed by electric motors (Niekerk, 2009). About 95% of motors in use in South Africa ...