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    • Analysis laminar flow, thermal stability, and entropy generation in porous channel 

      Eegunjobi, Adetatayo Samuel (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2013)
      Fluid flow through a porous channel and cylindrical pipe walls are important area of research due to its wide applications in transpiration cooling, gaseous diffusion technology, cooling of rocket, mechanized irrigation ...
    • Laminar flow in a channel filled with saturated porous media 

      Rundora, Lazarus (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2013)
      The flow of reactive viscous fluids in porous media presents a theoretically challenging problem and has a broad range of scientific, technological and engineering applications. Real life areas where such flow systems ...
    • Non-Newtonian open channel flow: the effect of shape 

      Burger, Johannes Hendrik (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2014)
      Open channels, flumes or launders are used in the mining industry to transport slurries during processing and to disposal sites. Water plays a major part in the makeup of these slurries, its usage and availability is ...
    • Non-newtonian open-channel flow : effect of shape on laminar and transitional flow 

      Vanyaza, Sydwell Luvo (Cape Technikon, 2004)
      When designing the open channels to transport the homogenous non-Newtonian slurries, the effect of channel shape is one of the parameters that should be checked and very little research has been conducted to address this ...