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dc.contributor.authorLourens, Deon Willem
dc.descriptionThesis (Masters Diploma (Engineering))--Cape Technikon, 1997
dc.description.abstractThe idea for this study occurred when movement of the caisson extension to the breakwater was observed. The major concern was, what would happen if the caisson breakwater extension failed? What would the financial implications be to the port? The CSIR have carried out a number of studies with regards to the safety of the structure. The consequences of caisson failure and the possible effects on the port were however not investigated. When it was determined that settlement was taking place, information concerning the condition of the caisson structure and factors influencing the structure were gathered. Investigations on the following were done: (a) Extent of caisson settlement. (b) Sediment movement around the structure. (c) Foundation condition. (d) Wave impacts of long and short period waves on the Ben Schoeman Dock in the event of caisson failure. (Refraction and diffraction). (e) Financial implications due to possible container operation downtime at Ben Schoeman Dock in the event of caisson failure. (f) The tourist potential of the structure. The conclusion reached in this study was that the Ben Schoeman Dock would not be adversely effected if partial or complete failure of the main breakwater should take place. One could even question the length of the extension and whether it was actually required. The recommendations of this study would be as follows follows: Maintain the caisson extension in good condition as it will be important for possible future extensions to the port. Develop the breakwater as it is an asset which has potential for tourism to Cape Town.
dc.publisherCape Technikonen
dc.subjectBreakwaters -- Design and constructionen_US
dc.subjectHarbors -- Design and constructionen_US
dc.subjectHarbors -- South Africaen_US
dc.titleAn investigation with recommendations of the present conditions surrounding the caisson extension to the main breakwater at the port of Cape Town

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