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dc.contributor.authorIindombo, Julia Dimbulukweni
dc.descriptionThesis (MTech(Electrical Engineering))--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2011
dc.description.abstractIn a situation, where there is a shortage of power generation or the power stations are operating with a very low reserve margin, as is typically the current position in South Africa, there is a need to operate distribution network at the highest possible efficiency by utilising network power loss reduction techniques. Such techniques are especially important when contingencies occur as they tend to increase loss, reduce efficiencies and cause power supplies to such networks to increase. This increase can cause the network or multiples of such networks to be load shed as the power stations do not have the reserve margins to meet this increased demand. The ideal situation would thus be to minimise network loss and in so doing decrease the amount of power needed and possibly avoid load shedding. Thus, there is a need to study efficiency, network loss reduction under contingency conditions and this is the focus of the research. Most large urban distribution networks are operated as ring main networks. Ring networks are considered to have less power loss. However, a major component in a ring network can cause the loss to substantially increase; resulting in power shortage in the network. There is an urgency to eliminate high network loss. An efficiency plan was developed for a large ring network that reduces the loss so that its input power can be decreased. In this way, the available power existing due to the contingency can be more evenly spread, and the number of ring main networks to be load shed could be reduced.
dc.publisherCape Peninsula University of Technologyen
dc.subjectNetworks (Electrical)
dc.subjectElectric circuits
dc.subjectRing networks (Computer networks)
dc.subjectElectric power systems -- Load dispatching
dc.subjectDistributed generation of electrical power
dc.titleEfficiency plan for large interconnected urban ring main network under contingency conditions

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