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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Domestic utilisation of electrical grid energy in South AfricaBeute, Nico
2002Miniaturised dedicated application opto-electronic sensors in the evolution of smart systemsKahn, Mohammed Tariq Ekeramodien
2007Methods for providing rural telemedicine with quality video transmissionMalindi, Phumzile
2009Investigation of process parameters and development of a mathematical model for the purposes of control design and implementation for a wastewater treatment processDu Plessis, Sydney Charles 
2010Real-time state estimation of a distributed electrical power system under conditions of deregulationKusekwa, Mashauri A. D.
2011Detailed non-Newtonian flow behaviour measurements using a pulsed ultrasound velocimetry method: Evaluation, optimisation and applicationKotze, Reinhardt
2011Innovative techniques of employing small hydropower plants in distributed electricity generationKilimo, Abrahaman Salum Guji
2011Electrical energy management and its impact in sub-Saharan AfricaMohamed, Afua Khalfan
2012Performance evaluation and improvement of grid-connected technologyRaji, Atanda Kamoru
2013Design and implementation of linear robust networked control systemsMkondweni, Ncedo Sandiso
2013Development of decomposition methods for solution of a multiarea power dispatch optimisation problemKrishnamurthy, Senthil
2014Three dimensional depth visualization using image sensing to detect artefact in spaceNell, Raymond D
2014Design of nonlinear networked control for wastewater distributed systemsOgidan, Olugbenga Kayode
2014Modelling and simulation of the impacts of distributed generation integration into the smart gridOnwunta, Onwunta Emea Kalu
2015Sub-10 MeV proton irradiation effects on a coating obtained from the pulsed laser ablation of W2B5/B4C for space applicationsTadadjeu, Sokeng Ifriky
2015Multilevel inverters using finite set- model predictive current control for renewable energy systems applicationsAlmaktoof, Ali Mustafa Ali
2015Design and implementation of IEC 61499 standard-based nonlinear controllers using functional block programming in distributed control platformMuga, Julius N’gon’ga
2016Development of nuclear-radiological facility monitoring systemZakariya, Nasiru Imam
2016Measurement and modelling of geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) in power linesMatandirotya, Electdom
2016Voltage stability assessment and wide area protection/control using synchrophasor measurementsAdewole, Adeyemi Charles