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Title: An oral pathological profile for the preprosthetic evaluation of edentulous patients in the Western Cape of South Africa and the implications for training
Authors: Du Toit, Adriaan Claassen 
Keywords: Edentulous mouth;Mouth -- Diseases;Prosthodontics
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Peninsula Technikon
Abstract: This study explored the oral pathological conditions and related normal aberrations found within an edentulous sample group of the Western Cape of South Africa. The initial literature review concentrated on similar epidemiological surveys from a national and international perspective, from which a research framework was formulated and then applied to the chosen sample size. Statistical analysis revealed the mean age of the sample group as 57,3 +1- 1 years and that the male, female ratio was 1:2.16. Results indicated that the percentage of healthy individuals were 78%. Normal aberrations such as mobile alveolar ridge (flabby ridge) (2,6%), oral mucosal pigmentation (1,9%), chronic cheek chewing (1 %), torus mandibularis and palatinus (0,5%) had the highest incidence. Twenty three percent exhibited some sort of oral pathological condition such as denture stomatitis (7%), ulcerations (5,2%), angular cheilitis (1,8%), white lesions (4,4%), and denture-related hyperplasia (1,9%) were the most prevalent. Systemic diseases were recorded in 38,2% of patients: hypertension (22,7%), heart disorders (6,6%), diabetes mellitus (6,5%) and asthma (4,4%) were the most common. Individuals that exhibited oral pathoses were found to be wearing older dentures than individuals who replace their dentures more regularly. No significant difference was found between the age of the denture and the age of the patient. The empirical investigation revealed that the number of prominent oral conditions was low for the Western Cape of South Africa and could perhaps be incorporated into an educational module for dental technologists. A better understanding of such oral pathological conditions may aid communication and patient service between the parties involved. The concept of a more collaborative approach between the dentist and the dental technologists was discussed. Reference is made to a community service model that focuses more specifically on the needs of the poorer edentulous individuals of the Western Cape.
Description: Thesis (Masters degree(Dental Technology))--Peninsula Technikon, Cape Town, 2003
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