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dc.contributor.authorDuvenhage, Annamarie
dc.descriptionDie tesis is voorgelê ter verwerwing van die graad: Magister in Opvoedkunde in die Fakulteit Onderwys en Sosiale Wetenskappe aan die Kaapse Skiereiland Universiteit van Tegnologie 2014en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study attempted to address the extremely poor results for Mathematics and total lack of relevant teaching and learning material in multi-grade schools. In the case of multi-grade classes, the teacher has to cope with a large variety of development levels, grades and subjects in one classroom. Challenges that arise as a result of multi-grade teaching require instructional materials with unique characteristics and learners and teachers who develop the skills to put this material to use successfully. During the study of the relevant literature, evidence was found that proved that the learner–material approach offers the best outcomes within the unique circumstances of multi-grade teaching. This approach shifts the focus to the teaching materials and the learners while the teacher facilitates the process. In both multi-grade teaching and Mathematics teaching, this method holds benefits for learners and teachers. It teaches the learners to accept responsibility for their own learning and to know at all times what to do because the material provides clear guidance, giving the teacher more time in class to help those who need it. After a literature study and a context analysis, design principles were established with which the above material should comply. By this means, scientific criteria can be developed against which future materials would be measured. The Centre for Multigrade Education (CMGE) has undertaken to develop the necessary prototype Mathematics material. Using this material, the researcher could put the validity of the design principles and the expected usefulness of the material to the test. This brings together the theory and practice in a remarkable manner. The primary objective of the study was to improve quality, not only of the prototype, but also of future teaching and learning material.en_US
dc.publisherCape Peninsula University of Technologyen
dc.subjectMathematics -- Study and teaching
dc.subjectCombination of grades -- South Africa
dc.titleWiskundemateriaal vir multigraadonderrigen_US
dc.title.alternativeMathematical resources for multigrade educationen_US

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