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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Afsterwe van mikroorganismes teenwoordig in rioolwater in die mariene omgewingEngelbrecht, Johannes Frederik Pieter 
1991Computer-aided system for the selection of sieve diameters to size sort cling peach halves for canningVan der Merwe, Herman B
1991The influence of lipid changes in bran and offall on the baking properties of wheaten flourRobberts, Theunis Christoffel
1991A computer-aided system for the selection of sieve diameters to size sort cling peach halves for canningVan der Merwe, Herman B.
1992A study to assess the changes in hygiene of food premises following a specific health education programmeLuyt, Stanley Arthur 
1992Alternative containers for preserving peachesSchoonenberg, Rolf
1993Omgewingsgesondheid : 'n poging tot funderingKalis, ML 
1993Application of hazard analysis (HACCP) in starch production by the wet milling of maizeSamuels, RC
1994Synthesis of some potential antimicrobial carbocyclic compoundsVan Eeden, Nestor 
1995Synthesis of hongconin and related naphtho[2,3-c]pyransOosthuizen, Francois Jacobus 
1995The application of differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry for the determination of copper, lead, zinc and cadmium in airborne particulate matterJahed, Mohammed Nazeem 
1996Behavioural patterns and growth strategies of red tide organisms of the southern BenguelaHorstman, Deon A 
1996Bacteria standards of merluccius capensis / paradoxus (Cape Hake) and other deepsea whitefish productsVennemann, Ingo Heinrich 
1996Synthesis and antimicrobial screening of some quinonoid systemsHugo, Victor Ignatius 
1997Die gehalte van ondersoeke en die institusionele oordra van data oor aanmeldbare voedselvergiftigingsuitbrakeMalherbe, WF 
1998Effects of heat processing on product quality of sous-vide broccoli packsVlok, Nicolaas Hugo
1998Die evaluering van 'n aantal lusernkultivars t.o.v. hul droĆ«materiaalopbrengs en diereproduksiepotensiaal onderdroĆ«landtoestande in die Outeniqua-gebied van die Wes-KaapBotha, Philippus Rudolf 
1999An investigation into the occurrence, growth properties and characteristics of psychrotrophic coliform organisms in refrigerated pasteurised bovine milk in the Western CapeFisher, Llewellyn Glenn
1999The application of differential pulse stripping voltammetry in the determination of trace metals in wet precipitationLe Roux, Shirley Theodora Rose 
1999Rooting techniques for selected tree speciesLaubscher, Charles Petrus