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dc.contributor.authorMusoni, Nkusi Emmanuel
dc.descriptionThesis (Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering)--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2018.en_US
dc.description.abstractAs the electric energy demand grows, there is a significant increase in the penetration of renewable generation (RG) in the existing electrical grid network. Interconnecting of renewable generation technologies to an existing distribution system has proven to provide various benefits such as meeting the growing load demand and its contribution to energy system decarbonisation, long-term energy security and expansion of energy access to new energy consumers in the developing urban and rural areas. However, the aim of this thesis is to conduct a study on the impacts of renewable generation on the power quality of electrical grid. Therefore, this work aims at assessing the potential effects of Distributed Generation (DG) on the operation of electric power system by modelling of harmonics and voltage distortion. With different types of renewable generation available at present, it is believed that some designs contribute significantly to electrical network’s Power Quality (PQ). After the analysis of harmonic currents (chapter 6 and 7 of this thesis) introduced by renewable generation technologies, their negative impact on the power quality of the grid is seen to be apparent at point of connection (POC) but only within controlled limits. Analytical method for modeling of harmonic interactions between the grid and aggregated distributed generation technologies are investigated using DIgSILENT Power Factory software and the results obtained are discussed.en_US
dc.publisherCape Peninsula University of Technologyen_US
dc.subjectRenewable energy sourcesen_US
dc.subjectRenewable resource integrationen_US
dc.subjectElectric power systemsen_US
dc.subjectSmart power gridsen_US
dc.subjectEnergy developmenten_US
dc.titleAnalysis of the effect of renewable generation on the power quality of the grid, modelling and analysis of harmonic and voltage distortionen_US

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