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Title: The impact of client expectations and behaviours on project constraints in the management of web development projects in Cape Town
Authors: Lomba, Audrey Nadyne Obone Obam 
Keywords: Clients Expectations;Clients Behaviours;Project management;Project Constraints;Website Development;Project success;Project progress;Project team
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Abstract: Despite the importance of clients in project management, there is a gap in project management literature concerning their impact on project constraints. Project constraints are the boundaries, the line not to cross, the success criteria of every project. A successful project must meet clients’ expectations within the project’s limitations. It is the responsibility of the project manager and his team to make sure that the end product or service meets project specifications within set constraints. Challenges arise when clients’ behaviours and expectations are not perceived as impacting project delivery regarding due date performance and project expenditure. The research aimed to investigate how clients’ expectations and behaviours affect project “success” and influence the project’s “progress” in the web development and internet e-commerce industry. A mixed-method was used to conduct research using qualitative and quantitative methods. Questionnaires and interview questions were distributed to employees working in the industry mentioned above across the Cape Town area. The research results showed that clients’ expectations influence web development project progress and success. The findings reveal that the way clients behave, or act has a negative or positive impact on web development project execution and the overall success of the project. Lack of client consistency regarding project specifications was the main issue leading to scope creep resulting in delays and cost overruns. Clients’ behaviours and attitude thus can have positively or negatively influence project delivery, and therefore clients should know this. The main recommendation is that clients should be aware of the impact project changes have on project success and progress before blaming a project team member for delays or budget overruns. The team has the responsibility to inform clients the effect they may have on the overall project progress and success.
Description: Thesis (MTech (Business Administration in Project Management))--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2020
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