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Title: The effectiveness of a performance management system at a South African public hospital in Cape Town
Authors: Tyokwe, Baxolele 
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Abstract: The study was initiated to examine the effectiveness of a performance management system (PMS) used at Tygerberg hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The researcher was interested to know how the performance management system performs and how employees respond to this system at Tygerberg hospital. In pursuing the investigation, the researcher applied qualitative research method in the study. The researcher applied a non-probability sampling method to select the respondents. The study used semi-structured interviews to collect unstructured data, and the respondents were asked open-ended questions in the interviews. The respondents presented comparable issues and challenges that they experienced at Tygerberg hospital throughout the processes of performance management system. The researcher established various issues that affected the effectiveness of the system which were stated by respondents. The researcher after intensive analysis determined that the performance management system used at Tygerberg hospital is ineffective to enhance performance of the employees. The findings of the study will help the reader to understand important matters related to the processes of implementing performance management system well, identifying the causes of its effectiveness and improving on the manner in which it works. The researcher made recommendations as informed by the findings of this study. Thus, the researcher made the recommendations based on findings yielded by responses to the research questions and research objectives. The intention of the recommendations of this study is to help the management of Tygerberg hospital to see and address issues that need to be rectified, and assist in solving the concerns and disputes that were presented by the participants during data collection. Ultimately, the recommendations will help the management of the hospital to restore and maintain the effectiveness of a PMS in the future.
Description: Thesis (Masters in Business and Information Administration)--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2020
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