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Title: The experiences of nurses regarding current in-service training programmes at a public hospital in the Western Cape
Authors: Van Heerden, Vyjayanthimala 
Keywords: In-Service Training;Nurses;Training;Continuing Professional Development
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Abstract: In-service training (IST) is essential in every hospital to address changes in healthcare. It also provides the platform to share new information, new techniques and ultimately improve nursing care. Hence this study was designed to explore the experiences of nurses regarding current in-service training programmes at a public hospital in the Western Cape. The objectives of the study were to explore and describe their experiences of IST programmes and to develop recommendations in support of IST for nurses. The research followed a qualitative approach with an explorative, descriptive and contextual design. The population in the study were nurses working on day duty, who were permanently employed at the selected public hospital. Purposive sampling was used to select participants. Nurses comprising all categories (71 participants) were included in the study. Data was collected via focus-group interviews. Trustworthiness in this study was maintained through confirmability, dependability, transferability and credibility. Results revealed that IST was like a refresher course, as it served as a reminder of what participants had learned and kept them updated. Participants declared that current IST was very applicable and practical. Despite some challenges, like staff shortages, time constraints and workload issues, the participants described their experiences regarding the current in-service training programmes positively. Participants also mentioned gaining and being empowered with knowledge, skills, experience and information, thereby assisting with better quality nursing care to patients with fewer risks of medical hazards or litigation. The major recommendations were that management should support in-service training programmes. A special training committee/task team, comprising of management and nurses, should be established to take control and to ensure that IST takes place at the health facility. An in-depth training needs analysis needs to be done by this task team/committee in order to meet the IST needs of the nurses. Communication strategies have to be improved when advertising these programmes, in order to allow more nurses to attend. The study emphasised that IST is a much needed and important aspect for nurses in practice are not receiving the desired attention.
Description: Thesis (Master of Nursing)--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2020
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