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    • Rooting techniques for selected tree species 

      Laubscher, Charles Petrus (Cape Technikon, 1999)
      Vegetative propagation techniques for rooting of cuttings of indigenous tree species, i.e. Olea europaea subsp. African, Podocarpus falcatus, Syzigium cordatum and introduced species, i.e. Acacia mearnsii, A. melanoxylon, ...
    • A Study of the Propagation and Cultivation of Gethyllis multifolia and G. villosa. 

      Daniëls, Christiaan Winston (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2007)
      Gethyllis multifo/ia and Gethyl/is villose (Family: AMARYLLIDACEAE) are indigenous geophytes, growing naturally in the Worcester area, Western Cape. G. muliiiolie falls in the Vulnerable category of the Red Data List of ...