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    • A quantitative study into carbon-in-pulp adsorption operations 

      Gray, Diane Elizabeth (Cape Technikon, 1999)
      Carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL) remain the most effective, and widely used processes for gold recovery from cyanided pulps. The extensive use of carbon in such processes have prompted many researchers to ...
    • A solution concentration model for CIP simulation 

      Major, Jacqueline (Cape Technikon, 2001)
      Carbon-in-pulp technology is used extensively in the mining industry to recover metal cyanides from solution. Also this technology has found increasing application in the gold mining sector, replacing the less efficient ...
    • An environmentally sound gold recovery process for small-scale gold mining 

      Bouwer, Wendy (Cape Technikon, 1999)
      The gold mining industry has mainly relied upon the use of a highly polluting chemicals, such as mercury and cyanide, to recover gold from its ores. As environmental legislation has become more stringent in all countries ...
    • Equilibrium shift of gold adsorption in a batch reactor 

      Burnett, Hannelene Jo-Anne (Cape Technikon, 2001)
      Over the years the carbon-in-pulp technology has been refined to become the highly efficient process that is used in our present-day system of recovering dissolved gold from cyanide leached pulps. The efficiency of a ...
    • Inhibition of the pregrobbing phenomenon in gold ores 

      Van den Berg, Rudolf (Cape Technikon, 2000)
      In a typical gold-recovery plant, it is estimated that a substantial amount of the gold in residues may be in the form that is recoverable by cyanidation. The gold in residues can be ascribed broadly to (l) the presence ...