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    • Base metal equilibrium prediction on ion exchange resin 

      Rejaldien, Moegamat Zain (Cape Technikon, 2002)
      This study is the first phase of an investigation into an alternative process to recover base metals from solution, namely ion exchange. An identified ion exchange resin was employed to study the recovery of copper, ...
    • Recovery of metal cyanides using a fluidized bed of resin 

      Nesbitt, Allan Bernard (Cape Technikon, 1996)
      Metal cyanide complexes are a toxic pollutant in waslewater originating from various industrial and mining activities. The removal/retrieval ofcyanide and metal cyanide complexes has been studiedby researches for many ...
    • The recovery of metal cyanides by ion exchange resins 

      Strangfeld, Vinzenz Klaus (Cape Technikon, 2000)
      Cyanide is used extensively in the mining industry to leach gold and silver from their ores. Cyanide, in the form of sodium or potassium cyanide, is added in excess to that required theoretically due to equilibrium and ...
    • The removal of heavy metals from dilute aqueous streams by the use of ion exchange resins 

      Dietrich, Theo Henry (Cape Technikon, 1998)
      Ion exchange resins are widely used to remove or concentrate heavy metals from aqueous solutions or slurries.This thesis attempts to properly evaluate the interaction between ion exchange resins and heavy metals at trace ...