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    • Development of a palladium based membrane reactor system for production of ultra-pure hydrogen from liquefied petroleum gas 

      Kula, Lungelwa Ethel (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2017)
      Hydrogen is widely regarded as the clean energy carrier for future use in both transportation and electricity sectors. It has become an important new focus as an alternative fuel for cleaner energy technologies especially ...
    • Membrane bioreactor production of lignin and manganese peroxidase 

      Solomon, MS (Cape Technikon, 2001)
      The white-rot fungus (WRF), Phanerochaete chrysosporium, is a well known microorganism which produces ligninolytic enzymes. These enzymes can play a major role in the bioremediation of a diverse range of environmental ...
    • Momentum transfer inside a single fibre capillary membrane bioreactor 

      Godongwana, Buntu (2007)
      Innovation in biotechnology research has resulted in a number of fungi being identified for diverse industrial applications. One such fungus, which is the subject of this study and has been one of the most intensively ...
    • Multicapillary membrane bioreactor design 

      Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2005)
      The white rot fungus, Phanerochaete chrysosporium, produces enzymes, which are capable of degrading chemical pollutants. It was detennined that this fungus has multiple growth phases. The study provided infonnation ...
    • Transport of gases across membranes 

      Mokrani, Touhami (Peninsula Technikon, 2000)
      Oxygen transport across biofilms and membranes may be a limiting factor in the operation of a membrane bio-reactor. A Gradostat fungal membrane bio-reactor is one in which fungi are immobilized within the wall of a ...