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dc.contributor.advisorVan der Walt, Nicoen_US
dc.contributor.advisorAdonis, Sen_US
dc.contributor.authorMabuwa, Zanoxoloen_US
dc.descriptionThesis (Master of Applied Science in Chemistry)--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2022en_US
dc.description.abstractIon exchange chromatography is an important technique for the separation and isolation of elemental ions in a solution. Studying the distribution coefficients of individual elements provides important information regarding the separation and isolation of the element from a matrix. This study was carried out to determine the distribution coefficient for the selected monovalent elements: Li, Na, K, Rb and Ag; divalent elements: Mg, Ca, Ba Sr, Zn, Cu, Co, Mn, Cd and Pb; together with Al(III) and Fe(III). The strong acid cation exchange resin, Dowex 50W-X4, was used to determine the distribution coefficients of the elements in various nitric acid concentrations using the batch method. The distribution coefficients of individual elements provide vital information for possible separation and isolation of the elements from the matrix, and from each other. Concentrated HCl (5.0 M) is strong enough to elute the elements from the resin. The solution containing the cation exchange resin and the specific element, in the appropriate nitric acid concentration (0.1 M, 0.2 M, 0.5 M, 1.0 M, 2.0 M, 3.0 M, or 4.0 M) was shaken for 24 hours at 25 ºC. The phases were separated, and the concentration of the element determined by ICP-OES. The distribution coefficient for the element was then calculated from the values obtained. The distribution coefficients of the elements studied on DOWEX 50W-X4 were compatible with the distribution coefficients of the elements on AG50W-X8.en_US
dc.publisherCape Peninsula University of Technologyen_US
dc.subjectIon exchange chromatographyen_US
dc.subjectIon exchange resinsen_US
dc.subjectHydrogen-ion concentrationen_US
dc.titleThe behaviour of selected elements on the cation exchange resin DOWEX 50W-X4 IN nitric acid mediumen_US
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