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Title: Design and implementation of a device to optimise SCADA using LTE-M
Authors: Maharaj, Robin 
Keywords: Manufacturing processes;Enterprise resource planning;Supervisory control systems
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Abstract: With process control systems driving many ERP systems and decision-making applications, there is an inherent need to deliver real-time data to MES systems and ERP at low cost and reduced data latency. Also, with some assets distributed over a large geographical area, there is an intrinsic need for a remote data visualisation system at low operating costs. There is also an overwhelming need to add low-cost data points to existing process control systems to augment the current data to improve data analytics or provide critical performance data not initially envisioned in the design. In order to achieve this data analysis there is a need to provide a convergence of data to a common gateway from different datasources which includes legacy systems. This research presents solutions to process data from these different data sources for use or interigation by MES systems. This research presents software and hardware design to add to the data value chain and visualisation of process control systems. This research also investigates and implements wireless technologies and protocol wrappers and interfaces to enhance the data value chain in a legacy process control system. The technologies investigated are physical layer LoRa nodes, nrf2401l( a 2.4GHz radio module), MQTT, 4-20mAConvertors.
Description: Thesis (DEng (Electrical Engineering))--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2022
Appears in Collections:Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering - Doctoral Degree

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