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Title: The use of strategic communication management in black-owned female businesses in Gauteng, South Africa
Authors: Tyolwana, Viwe 
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Abstract: The aim of this study was to explore the use of Strategic Communication Management (SCM) within black-owned female businesses in South Africa, specifically in the Gauteng region. Employing a qualitative research approach, which included semi-structured interviews and an exploratory thematic analysis , the study aimed to understand how these business owners integrated SCM into their corporate strategies to align business objectives and goals for enhanced communication efficiency. Interviews with nine black- owned female business owners provided insights into their use, approach and best practice of SCM techniques within this under explored context. The study was underpinned by the Excellence Theory and Systems Theory, highlighting the importance of strategic communication and holistic understanding in organisational settings. Findings revealed a spectrum of adherence to non-adherence to SCM principles, with participants demonstrating various levels of strategic communication practices. While some findings exhibited explicit adherence, others lacked structured communication approaches and understanding of SCM's role. However, empathetic communication practices emerge as a strength. Challenges included a lack of education, resources, and collaboration with PR specialists and significantly hinder the effective incorporation of SCM in its fullest capacity. Recommendations for future research included exploring SCM adoption in different provinces, industries, and demographic groups to address barriers and inform policies and support mechanisms for a larger group of black-owned female businesses, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable business landscape in South Africa. Further investigation was warranted to understand why SCM was not fully embraced despite substantial government investments in entrepreneurial training for black-owned female businesses. Identifying critical skills and workforce capabilities was crucial for sustained small business growth in South Africa.
Description: Thesis (Master of Public Relations and Communication Management)--Cape Peninsula University of Technology, 2023
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